The Organic Salon the newest endeavor of Master Organic Stylist, Alyssa Housh


          Alyssa has been a professional hairstylist for 15 years. After completing her Bachelor's of Environmental Studies & Sustainability in 2011, she was considering leaving the beauty industry. Although she had and continued to love with many aspects of her profession, she had come to realize the overwhelmingly negative human health and environmental impacts it produced. Upon reflection, Alyssa realized she would have no impact on the industry if she removed herself. But, she could have a positive impact if she combined her passions - starting with the salon industry and the environment

            "It has become my passion to reduce the negative impacts of this industry. There are safer, more natural products available that produce impressively beautiful results! My education retrained my brain to see the environmental and human health impacts in every aspect of our lives, and it was especially obvious in the salon industry. It was the combination of better products and more sustainable business practices that clicked for me. All of the sudden my completely mismatched experience created a new business path and I knew I'd found my life's true journey. I have a couple other passions that I'm blessed to incorporate into my business - education and giving back."

To honor her love for education, Alyssa regularly attends advanced technical trainings. Shea also spent over a year learning directly from Organic Colour Systems' Global and U.S. Head Salon Mentors in the hopes of becoming a Salon Mentor herself. She was officially welcomed as an Organic Colour Systems Salon Mentor in March of 2016! Salon Mentors provide direct educational support for fellow Organic Colour Systems' stylists allover the country. The U.S. group of Salon Mentors is a small, prestigious team considered experts and who have passed the rigorous training needed to provided education to other industry leaders. 

Finally, Alyssa loves giving back by offering her professional skills and life experience to help individuals in need and awesome nonprofits doing amazing work.  In 2017, Alyssa has donated either her time as a volunteer, her skills as a professional hairstylist and makeup artist, or provided financial contributions to the following organizations,

  • Tim Tebow Foundation's "A Night to Shine"
  • Freedom Through Dance's "Dancing Under the Stars"
  • Girls on the Run - Head Coach at Denver School of Science and Technology Henry Middle School
  • Green Works in Kansas City - selling the fabulous Shoo Juice to support entrepreneurial programing for urban teens